About Us

One fine day in March, Vic and Mel took a freediving class in San Diego. They watched as people lubed up with hair conditioner and trapped it against their skin as they donned their open cell wetsuits. Aware of how fast our skin absorbs chemicals, they had brought the more natural Dr. Bronner's castille soap. Soon, however, their skin would be itchy and dry, and sensitive Vic would have a rash.

We thought there must be a better option. Conditioners, like most of today's personal care products, contain many chemicals that we would not eat (preservatives, colorants, fragrances, texturizers...). But almost everything we put on our skin soaks through, into our capillaries, and throughout our entire bodies. This means we probably shouldn't be stewing in hair conditioner for several hours while diving. And as the irritation let us know, soap wasn't ideal either. But then how were we supposed to get into our open cell suits?

To the laboratory! Or the kitchen. Soon a slippery seaweed lubricant was born. Shark Snot is a natural option for donning your open cell wetsuit. It is made of seaweed extract (think of the mucilaginous coating on wet seaweed), and preserved with colloidal silver and MSM, which are benign to the skin and body (they're actually commonly taken as supplements), and naturally found in the ocean. It contains no toxic "industry standard" preservatives, no colorants, no fragrances... basically nothing that you wouldn't eat! So lube up; your skin, your liver, and the ocean will love it.

Advantages of Shark Snot:

  • Does not pollute the ocean
  • Does not irritate skin or eyes
  • Fish may not detect it as much since all ingredients are found naturally in the ocean
  • Will not make you nauseous (no toxic chemicals, no fragrance)
  • Completely natural, food-grade ingredients. But don't eat it.
  • Rinses off easily with water
  • Does not degrade neoprene
  • Can be used with hot or cold water

We (Vic and Mel) are new to both freediving and running a business. What we do have is a love for the ocean (originally SCUBA divers) and experience with making natural personal care products at home. As soon as we saw what people were using to get into their open cell wetsuits we knew what we had to do, so now we find ourselves in sunny Ventura, California, making lube.

Shark Snot's mission:

1) Get harmful chemicals off of people's skin

2) Expand the Bitcoin Cash economy (see more here)

3) Make money so we can do more of #1 and #2