What is Shark Snot made of?

Seaweed extract - This is what gives Shark Snot its slippery, lubricating properties. It is an extra-slippery type of soluble fiber extracted from red seaweed known as a hydrocolloid. The seaweed fiber we use is food grade, biodegradable, and benign to ocean life and human skin.

MSM - Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) is a sulfur compound found in all plants and animals. It is naturally present in the ocean as part of the sulfur cycle. MSM is often taken as a supplement to support joint health. In solution it can be anti-fungal and is part of Shark Snot's skin-friendly, ocean-friendly preservative system.

Colloidal silver - In its colloidal form, silver is antimicrobial yet benign to skin and aquatic ecosystems. Silver is found naturally in the ocean at 0.0003 ppm. Colloidal silver is the second part of Shark Snot's skin-friendly, ocean-friendly preservative system, and is what gives it its reddish-brown color.

Water - Shark Snot is made with filtered, potable water.